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Jute Bags-the Right Environment Friendly Alternative

It is now an open secret that plastic is extremely harmful for our environment. It is actually a non bio degradable material. As a result it remains in the environment even after it is thrown away. Thus it affects environment as well. During the manufacturing of plastic a huge amount of energy gets wasted. Plastic cannot be used for several times. It is not recyclable either.

Non Woven Promotional Shopping Bag
Non Woven Promotional Shopping Bag

That is why since a long time environmentalists and researchers have been looking for a suitable alternative. Finally they have come up with the right alternative, jute.

Jute is a soft natural fiber that changes and transforms into a sturdy material with the use of chemicals. This is a completely bio degradable material. So, once it is dumped it can be dissolved in nature.

It can be used and reused for hundred times and it is recyclable too. Precisely, it is absolutely the right alternative to that of plastic, if not better.

As jute has so many positive sides it is gradually becoming one of the most favored item to experiment too. Now-a-days people prefer to be associated with the brands that are preferring jute over plastic. Even if someone wants to gift they generally prefer the eco friendly items like jute.

Custom-Made Strong Non Woven Tote Bag
Custom-Made Strong Non Woven Tote Bag

So if you are thinking about gifting your loved one with something useful opt for screen printed jute bags .

They are fun, trendy, stylish and above all eco friendly. Personalized gifts always win heart. If you give your loved one something made of jute and that too personalized they would surely love it.

Flaunt a message or some symbol that is significant for both. That is how you will be able to show that you love and care for your loved one too.

Jute Bags – A Green Eco-Friendly Approach

Bags made up of natural fiber jute are our only initiative and solution for making our environment clean and fresh. We all know that using plastic bags is hazardous to our environment. You can buy such bags that are made of jute, canvas which are available in different varieties, styles, and both in woven and non woven textures. Nowadays, jute industry is a booming rapidly, and a lot of manufacturers are creating bags in innovative designs for people all over the world. Some of them are also initiating import export trade in accordance to the growing demand globally.

There are almost hundred types of jute bags & products such as non woven shoulder bags, non woven jute shopping bags, jute tote bags, canvas bags, and rugs, sacks, wall hangings, decorative items and many more. I’m going to discuss about an assortment of jute bags which are favored by a lot of women.

Non Woven Corporate Gift Bag

Jute Tote Bags :-

“Tote” stands for “to carry”. Jute tote bags are specious, durable, and beautifully crafted with vibrant prints and colors. These days innovative designed tote bags merge style & functionality, and is rapidly replacing leather bags. Mostly young women are sporting different sized tote bags with funny comic prints and humorous messages.

Jute Shopping Bags

A lot of people are saying no to plastic bags and opting jute shopping bags for shopping purposes. Shopping bags made of jute are sturdy, look trendy, reusable, durable, and you can get these types of bags for grocery or any other shopping.

Jute Potlis :-

Potlis made of jute and blended fabrics are becoming increasingly famous among women of all ages. Potlis come in different shapes, colors, designs such as zari worked or embellishments and more. You can carry a designer jute potli in a wedding or a party with ease.

Jute Shoulder Bags :-

Shoulder bags made of jute is in huge trend as it is specious, and can be used for various purposes. You can actually carry your world in your bag. If you are an office goer then you will love the shoulder bags. They come in different colors, designs and can be paired with any attire.

Non Woven Bags – New Expression of Gifting and Promotion

Plastic is now quite a harmful material for earth and environment. It is a non bio degradable material that never gets destroyed. It stays in environment and causes harm to nature and eco system. In fact it can’t be used for several times.

This is the reason all the researchers all around the world have started looking for a suitable substitute. This is how they have come up with the product like non woven bags.

These non wovenReusable Non Woven Shopping Bag bags are undoubtedly more useful than their plastic counterparts. When plastic bags can be used for one time, these bags can be used for hundred times. They are stronger and durable.

Since people have become quite aware of the fact that plastic is harmful they prefer to use non woven bags. In fact it can be an amazing promotional item too. Think about giving people the non woven bag that flaunts your logo when they are purchasing from your stores.

When delegates are attending your seminar or conference you can welcome them with a token gift in non woven bag. It will not only be a useful gift but also it will show that you are socially responsible too.
Confused when you can’t decide what to gift to your younger sister or your daughter on their birthdays? Gift them a screen printing non woven bag to carry their books, accessories and essentials in it.

Non woven bags manufacturers are coming up with the huge collection of bags. Choose from them according to your purpose.

Treat Yourself with Stylish Eco Friendly Jute Bags

Jute bags are eco-friendly, stylish and adored by a lot of women worldwide. This article is about various types of jute bags and a brief description about their functionality.

Jute bags are fashionable and handy for a lot of women. There are a lot of features that make them trendy & highly popular among the women around the globe. Jute bags not only increase sophistication, style to your persona but as well let you to carry your commodities with you. This is why jute bags are ideal purchase for those women who are trendy, street smart and carry a whole world in their bag. Over the time jute industry is transforming and woven and non woven bags manufacturers are creating attention-grabbing, good quality bags for this generation.

Non Woven Cotton Handle Tote Bag

One can see many ranges of designs, patterns, shapes, sizes and hues in jute bags. The colour and design of the bag need to go along well with your outfits. You can try neutral shades such as tan, beige, black, white or brown which can be put to use with a lot of dresses. However, one can buy multiple hued jute bags, multi coloured jute bags, screen printed jute bags, which are as well very useful and can go with a lot of garments. Jute bags are not expensive and can offer you with a lot of durability. There is an increasing trend of jute bags worldwide and jute bags exporters are exporting jute products overseas.

While getting jute bags one should understand the dimensions as well. There are wide assortments that you can see in these jute bags. There are large and medium jute bags as well as small totes and jute clutches. You need to settle on a bag that is functional, has enough place for storage and the style or design of the bag is suitable for your personality.

One can also discover numerous designs when it comes to jute bags. Even some of the bags are suitable for official uses while others are more becoming for standard usage. Young women are getting trendy jute bags in bright colours, cool humorous messages and funky comical prints for casual purposes. One can figure out the size of the bag depending on the occasion. For social gathering opt for small pouches, botuas, jute clutches, and for shopping and day out, opt for large to standard size bags.

The prices of jute bags are reasonable. Though, designer jute bags, purses might cost you a bit. But, generally, jute bags are very much affordable. As jute is a biodegradable natural fabric, products, bags made of jute is environment friendly, skin friendly, and recyclable. One can explore the various styles, designs on the internet. Several online stores are offering various ranges of products. Purchasing online is much more beneficial, as one can just sit at home, check various designs on different websites and order from anywhere. Most of the times online stores offer attractive deals and discounts for consumers.

Jute and non woven bags ruling the market

The new eco friendly tool :-
A new range of bags is creating huge buzz in the market. These are made of fabrics or fabric type synthetic materials. These are eco-friendly and biodegradable. These are lightweight and strong, as well as have flexibility in usage options. Most of us have encountered people using these bags for various purposes. These are the non-woven bags and jute bags.

Stylish Jute Hand Bag

Ease of use :-
In the world where people are becoming even more conscious about the environmental damage, the eco-friendly bags have certainly made its mark in the market. The changing lifestyle also demands that the person may carry a bag with ease which can be used at anytime anywhere to carry some essentials. The jute bags and the non-woven bags offer all these facilities and more.

The jute bags are certainly really sturdy and also come in different designs and shapes, adding to its style quotient. The different colour choice makes it even more attractive. The non-woven bags also prove to be a great accessory for shopping. These are lightweight and can be easily folded and carried along with. These come in a range of colours and are also made waterproof.

The American market :-
In countries like America both non-woven bags and jute bags have found a major demand among the common people. This has led to growth in the number of jute and non woven bags manufacturers in Los Angeles. This has given rise to a new trend – using the jute bags and non-woven bags as publicity materials. There are many organizations which are giving away small gift packages to the visitors to the store or at times through special promotional outlets in non woven bags, or may be jute bags also.

These bags do not cost much and one can easily get customised jute bags suppliers in USA and also for non-woven bags. These customised bags can be made of any colour and can be printed with the company logo and message. Any person using these bags in turn helps promote the brand. The non woven bags manufacturers in Los Angeles provide bulk supplies of customised bags. The customised jute bags suppliers in USA are even taking out their own line of products.

Eco friendly bags are on a styling up spree

The eco friendly bags have found a new market and high demand. The manufacturers are doing their best to capitalise on this and providing exclusive designs and printed bags. You may also start your own bag manufacturing business with ease.

The jute bags :-
The various eco friendly bags available in the market have created huge interest among the regular consumers. These eco friendly bags are not only highly flexible to use, they are light weight and sturdy and even come in a variety of choice in terms of style and colour. The high popularity and demand for these bags have led to a number of bag manufacturers bringing out variety of jute bags as well as non woven bags for the end consumers.

The major shopping areas are full of the bag stores selling these bags. Custom designed jute bags in New York is a growing business. People wish to have different types of jute bags in various colours and styles which will go well with a number of varieties of dresses. The major segment of the custom designed jute bags in New York belongs to the ladies side bags. However, there are backpacks, knapsacks and other variety of bags made for men are also available in the market.

Digital Print Promotional Non Woven Bag

Non woven bags for all purpose :-
The non woven bags are great accessory for shopping. These are sturdy as well as waterproof and can be easily folded and carried along. The non woven bags come in different colours as well. To give these a special touch digital printing non woven bags from India is done by many resellers from other countries as well. Digital printing allows the person to print any picture or message on the bag, making it look attractive and giving a special touch. The non woven bags have even become an easy way to carry the essentials at all times. Since digital printing non woven bags from India cost much lesser as compared to other countries, many bags sellers provide the Indian bags manufacturers with bulk orders for these bags.

Get your own manufacturing unit :-
If you have been planning on starting your own bag manufacturing unit, now it will be a good time. The market is quite favourable and you can make some really high profit by investing in a printing unit besides the manufacturing unit. The essential equipments are available at major industrial stores on special price, and even bank loan is available for the purpose.

Printed non woven bags having multiple uses

The versatility of non woven bags :-

Non woven bags from India have made a major mark in the global market. These bags, made of synthetic material, is also eco-friendly and stronger than many other materials being used in place of poly bags or other non eco-friendly bags all over the world. The versatility in terms of use of the non woven bags make these one of the most favorite all over the world for various purpose, be it shopping or carrying a few things around. These light weight bags can be easily folded into a small size and carried around any time anywhere.

White and Blue Non Woven Shopping Bag

Various types and uses of non woven bags :-
These non woven bags are available in a wide range of colours and designs. Many printed non woven bags are also available which are generally provided at various stores and are also being sold at the roadside stalls currently. These printed non woven bags have actually given rise to a brand new marketing strategy which many major companies are successfully implementing.

The printed bags are generally given out to customers at various outlets which bear the logo of the company along with its tag line. This works as a mobile branded board creating awareness about the company’s brand wherever the person takes the bag along with.

Printed non woven bags as mobile Ad campaign :-
If you have been planning on using such a marketing strategy for your own cause or firm, you can easily save a major amount by screen printing non woven bags from India. India has a huge market of non woven bags manufacturer who also have the machines to do the screen printing work.

The exceptionally low price as compared to the global market has led to many major international companies going for the option of screen printing non woven bags from India with their company logo and other messages they wish to print. New York is also starting to become a major market for non woven bags manufacturing.

Digital printing non woven bags in New York is a major new industry. There are many American companies which are opting to go with the option of digital printing non woven bags in New York and save of the logistics cost.

Non woven bags are the marketing tools that come really handy

Non woven bags are pretty great in carrying things around and can also become the perfect business marketing tool for anyone. A little planning and investment can go a long way to create huge business.

Yellow and Brown Non Woven Shopping Bag

Promotion is the key :-

If you are a businessman – it doesn’t matter whether it is a big business or a small one, or if you head a non-government or non-profit organization striving to achieve some social cause, you definitely need audience. People should know about you and your business or work. Promotion is one of the most important parts of your entire operation. Using a creative and different means of promotion definitely grabs the eyeballs. All you need is a unique means of communication to get your message across to the public. Non woven bags work as the perfect solution to this problem.

The mobile billboard :-

There is a reason the non woven bags have gained such huge popularity and has become one of the most preferred tote bags used by businessmen as well as marketing agencies in order to promote products and brands. A great palette of colours, relatively cheaper option than conventional Ad options, versatile use and eco-friendly nature of the non woven bags are making them the only choice. One can choose any coloured bag and get the company’s or organization’s logo printed along with the message and pass it on to probable customers and clients. The person walking out of your store or outlet or office is sure to use this bag on a number of occasions – be it for shopping or carrying useful small things around, and voila, you have got a mobile promotional media which you pay for just once. The non woven bags manufacturers from India are the perfect choice for creating these bags. There are plenty of non woven bags manufacturers from India having their own printing machine as well.

Complimentary gifts sell best :-

During implementation of such campaigns, the confusion often arises on the best way to distribute these bags. The best way, as any marketing expert will suggest you, is to distribute it for free. If you have a store or outlet, simply give out the bags to the visitors as a complimentary gift. On one hand this creates a lasting impression while also promoting your brand, and on the other it creates a high probability of the person returning to buy something simply out of courtesy. This definitely is a win-win situation.

Get your printed non woven bag today

The non woven bag breaking new grounds :-
Various printed and designed bags are quite a common scene now-a-days. Among the various types of such bags available in the market, the most popular currently are the non woven bags. The non woven bags have many properties which make it much superior to its counterparts being prepared from other materials.

Non Woven Fancy Shopping Bag

The most important feature of any non woven bag is that they are eco-friendly. When the world is much concerned about the harmful effects of various non bio degradable wastes polluting the ecosystem, these non woven bags are the perfect alternative. These bags are made of synthetic bio-degradable materials and have the look of any fabric bags. The synthetic material makes these bags strong, sturdy as well as water resistant, something the paper bags can never be.

The printed non woven bags becoming next in-thing :-
A variety of non woven bags are available in the market. There are a number of manufacturers who are producing and marketing exclusively designed non woven bags mage in various shapes and sizes and for all purposes. These bags have also marked an impression on the various business firms who have fast developed a brand new strategy to capitalize on this great opportunity.

A non woven bag, being bio-degradable, promotion of its use and using it on various official purposes gives a natural boost to the image of the company. Printed non woven bags are a great way to promote the brand of any organization while utilizing it as the perfect complimentary gift for the invited to any corporate gathering. Screen printing non woven bags from India is a highly affordable option and the business organizations can invest a meagre amount while harvesting a huge benefit.

Indian manufacturers lead in the non woven bags production and printing :-
Many manufacturers in India are making their non woven bags available both for the common people as well as the corporate to be used as container for gift or complimentary items, press kit during press meet, etc. Since screen printing non woven bags from India has become highly popular due to the competitive rates offered in the country, orders are flowing in from all across the world. From a consumer’s point of view using non woven bags in all aspects of life is a small step taken towards making the earth greener and cleaner.

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Want to Surprise Your Loved One? Gift them with Eco Friendly Gifts

Gift is the most loving gesture. You can express your love for your dear one by gifts. While gifting someone you can opt for eco friendly gifts. They will show how much you care for nature.

Eco friendly gifts are amazing things when it comes to gift someone. We gift to express that we love and care. Eco friendly gifts will show that you not only care for the person you are gifting but also for nature as well.
When plastic and plastic-made products are crowding the market, we often forget that it is affecting our environment a lot. Eco friendly gifts will be manufactured by the eco friendly recyclable products. They never affects environment and they comes in a quite little pocket pinch.

Non Woven Gift Bag

Take a look of the ideas given below. Surely you will come up with some awesome idea.
Potted Plant :-

You can opt for potted plant. It will be an amazing gift. It will give a feel of freshness in your room. It has the power of lighting up the gloomy environment of a room. Rosemary or an aloe vera plant will be perfect as they need very little care.

Flop Flop Mats :-
Flip flop mats are another option that you can opt for. These mats are of from flip flop materials. It is perfect to wipe dirt and water. It comes in different colours shapes. When you are attending a house warming party you can gift your friend or host with it. It will be useful, colourful and cool eco friendly gift.

Eco Friendly Tote Bags :-
If you are thinking about gifting your girlfriend or your sister on a special day, opt for tote bags made by eco friendly materials. They are spacious and stylish. They come in fun print and easy breezy colours. Sometimes they come with a tag line or customized design. In fact the jute and non woven bag manufacturers in Los Angeles and in the other parts of the country are providing their customers with screen printed tote bags. They are fun gift for any young girl.

Gifting eco friendly gifts does not only show that you are expressing your love and care. It also manifests that you are socially responsible person as you are shunning your face away from plastic materials.

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