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Do You Know the Best Alternative for Plastic Bags? Answer is Jute Bags

Say no to plastic bags and go green with 100% eco friendly, biodegradable Jute Bags.

Plastic is one of the key elements that is the root of the environment pollution. Before it is too late, it is better to take some effective preventive measures to reduce plastic pollution. To bring a decline in the usage of plastic, shift to alternatives like jute bags, paper & cloth bags etc.

There are bio-degradable, environment friendly jute bags, cotton bags, canvas bags existing that reduce the trouble of plastic pollution. These bags are reusable, recyclable and easy to make and easily available.

Bright Jute Promotional Tote Bag

How jute bags are prepared?
Jute fiber comes from the stem and ribbon which is outer skin of the jute plant. The fibers are first extracted by retting process where jute stems are bundled together and immersed in slow running water. After this method, stripping procedure begins where non-fibrous stuff is scraped off. Then the jute fiber is extracted and left for drying under the sun. The obtained raw jute is put to make various commodities.

There are Immense Advantages of Jute Bags, Such As :
1. Jute products are eco-friendly and Jute is 100% bio-degradable. Consequently by including jute bags and products in our life style we can contribute to make our environment greener and cleaner.
2. Jute, as a fiber is very low-priced and cost-effective.
3. Jute products are recyclable and reusable.
4. Approximately 5 million people in the poorest regions get support by the Jute industry.
5. Jute decomposes putting valuable nutrients back into the soil when discarded.
6. Jute plant doesn’t require damaging pesticides and fertilizers to grow because it is a natural rain fed plant.
7. Jute bags are durable, stronger and more eco-friendly than other contemporary bags. Currently jute bags, canvas bags are available in more fancy, stylish and stylish designs.
8. Approximately one hectare jute plants discharge about 11 tons of oxygen and consume over 15 tons of carbon dioxide.

The requirement and demand of jute bags, canvas bags, and jute products from India is moderately eminent in abroad. Now day’s people from across the world are capable enough to realize the environmental conservation system. Jutelam is one stop way out in customized Jute bags Suppliers in USA. We are also a renowned name in casual fabric canvas bags suppliers from India among other traders.

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Jute Tote Bags – a Multipurpose Accessory

Jute bags are now quite popular amongst people these days. They are eco friendly. On the other hand they are eco friendly and durable.

Jute is a symbol of ethnicity and tradition. It is a natural fibre. It is like silk. However, it becomes sturdy when chemical is applied on it. It is durable as well. Jute is much preferred by the environmentalists of the entire world around. How plastic is affecting our environment and the earth is quite well known now. Plastic is non bio degradable. As a result it does not get destroyed. It stays in environment and affects our soil and drainage system.

Jute Tote Bag with Rope Handle

On the other hand jute can be extremely eco friendly. It is bio degradable. When it cannot be used anymore, it can be easily destroyed. It is reusable for hundred times. It can carry the load of heavy items too. Jute bags and furnishings are recyclable.

The demand of jute tote bags are increasing with every passing day. It is becoming popular amongst girls as they are design friendly. The jute industry in India has experienced quite a downfall once. Plastic had been ruler amongst consumers for a longer period. But with the growing awareness of how harmful plastic is,  the demand of jute is reaching its crescendo again. In fact it is becoming quite popular not only in India but overseas as well. The consumers around the world, especially in the USA prefer to use jute. The jute bags manufacturers in the USA are making it more popular with new designs and trends.

Jute tote bags are stylish and trendy. They are spacious. You can carry them around when you are headed to college or even strolling around in the beach. Tote bags are available now in every style. You can sport your casual style through an easy breezy print or pattern. You can also make your tote bag a statement piece by sporting a cartoon or a tag line you believe in.

These tote bags are amazing gift items as well. May be you are a confused father who cannot decide what gift he would like to gift his teenage daughter. Or you must be a college goer boyfriend who cannot afford the branded accessories for their girlfriend. You can gift them with a jute tote bag. It will be trendy. It will be inexpensive too.

The jute bag manufacturers in USA are coming up with new designs and styles in tote bags. Choose your style and flaunt with confidence.

Jute Tote Bags – a Trendy Add On

Jute is eco friendly fabric. Now with the go greener movement, jute is becoming a favoured item of the environment. The use of jute in making accessories is becoming popular. Jute tote bag is a trendy accessory to carry around.

The whole world is becoming more and more conscious about the harm that the plastic causes to our environment. Plastic is non bio degradable material. As a result, it cannot be destroyed. It obstructs drainage, affects soil. It is also not reusable. It is sheer waste of natural resources. In the production of jute bags, a huge amount of gas gets destroyed. But the result is not worth it. However, jute bags are reusable for hundred times and they are durable.

Jute is a natural silk fiber. After using chemicals on it, it becomes sturdy, durable and usable. When steeped in bright colours and happy prints, these tote bags become a style staple. Tote bags are spacious and light. They are easy to carry around and comfy to carry lots of things in it. Since it looks trendy, it is a favourite accessory of the young women as well. Mix and match with your dress colour or create an aesthetic style statement with a classic beige colour jute bag.

Designers are experimenting with cuts, designs and colours of these bags. Happy, breezy colours are perfect when you are strolling in a beach with the tote on your shoulder. Basic checks and neutral colours of it gives it a formal look, makes it perfect to bring in school or workplace. Often designers prefer to incorporate a wooden handle for such bag. The handle gives an ethnic earthy touch to not only the accessory but also the whole look.

Tote bags are becoming not only popular in style, but a perfect give-away item for promotion too. They are useful, so quite acceptable to the guests. When they are getting a piece of nature in its best shape with flaunting your company logo or your tag line, they will be impressed with your preference of environment friendly gift and your sense of social responsibility.

Jute bags manufacturers in USA are coming up with new designs and style of tote bags every passing day. Choose your favourite from their wide collection and flaunt your style.

Jute Bags – Utility and Style Together

Jute bags are excellent example of multipurpose utility as well as style. They are eco friendly and sustainable for many days, recyclable, and most importantly stylish. They are becoming more popular with every passing day.

Jute Messenger Bag

Jute bags are becoming extremely popular amongst stylish women and men. It is also another hyped item to promote your business as well. Jute bags are eco friendly and recyclable. Hence the environment activists are supporting the use of jute bags. As a result designers are also working to make these bags trendier.

Now jute tote bags are trendy item to carry around while strolling in road or beach. These bags are spacious and they are useful. You can carry all your essentials like books, wallet, phones and other things in them. Steeped in happy colours and breezy or geometrical prints, this has become a favourite accessory for stylish women to carry with them. In fact, designers are coming up with new innovative designs every day. These bags are quite popular for evading the ramp of accessories.

These bags are also becoming an apt item for promotional purposes. When you are organising an event or a seminar, gift your delegates with personalised jute bags. Everyone likes gift, and when it comes as a personalised one, it makes everyone happy. Jute bags manufacturers in USA is coming up with various new style and designs. Choose from wide variety and flaunt your carefree style.Delegates will appreciate how much thoughts you have put while thinking about gifting them. Also your preference of eco friendly and recyclable material will show how socially responsible you bare.

While checking out from your store, if your customer gets jute bag to carry all the purchases instead of plastic and paper bags it will make the customer satisfied. These bags are reusable, unlike the plastic counter parts of it. In fact in the process of manufacturing of these bags, the waste of natural resources is quite less that manufacturing of plastic bags.

A jute bag can be a perfect gift item too. Be it a home coming, or a party at friend’s place or any semi formal event, gift your host with a jute wine bag, they will love it.

Non Woven, digitally printed tote bags for customers and their advantages

Although in the past, shopping bags and non woven shopping bags that are popular among many customers that are also used in supermarkets.

There are many other advantages to tote bags that makes people believe what is going around the planet art. Jute bags are known to be made of a wide range of quality finished bags that you can choose from through different options of printing and choices of colors. They can be used for various purposes, including multi-purpose uses that have various different sizes and choices of shape. They are mostly used to shape and size choices. There are customized designs and are made of quality materials that helps it last longer in use.

Printed Non Woven Shoulder Bag

Some of the major advantages include:-

i) Such bags are developed and designed according to the latest fashion trends.

ii) Different theme options and design styles including the print can be done according to your liking.

iii) The design and stitches are perfect and quite strong, according to the requirements of the customers

iv) They are available in various different shapes and sizes.

v) They are mostly developed using a high quality fabric as they last long for use.

vii) You can offer customized designs, shapes and patterns for color choices.

viii) They can be used for various purposes, including applications like the handbags, shopping bags, beach bags and shopping or carry bags.

ix) Bags can be developed using jute that is also eco-friendly.

x) The bags feature great finishing and overall appearance.

xi) Jute bags are available in various other attractive designs, colors and various other choices of finish that might be demanded by the users or buyers.

There are many non woven bags manufacturers in Los Angeles. There are tons of them. Jutelam is one of the best in the business as it provides jute related products and jute bags in the process. They are of high quality and are in high demand for users. Non woven bags manufacturers in Los Angeles are available in abundance.

The customized jute bags are the best way to promote your products and services

jutelam - ustomized Jute bags SuppliersThe jute promotional bags happen to be a great option for the major organisations to promote their products and services. They are indeed great options as jute being the major element in the bags. Jute is a 100% natural fibre, bio degradable, sustainable and recyclable. Therefore, they are the most in thing in this environment conscious world. Using jute is a statement now to switch to green living. The planet is constantly under threat by the various harmful elements like plastic and other in organic components. Jute is the chief weapon to prevent the harmful consequences. When an organisation is using jute bags for promoting the products and services then it directly proclaims that it put forward an eco friendly attitude. Thus, the company will appear to be a dependable one.  The customized jute bags suppliers in USA have made the option much more prevalent as they offer tote bags made of jute in various shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, designs and so on.

These bags are distributed among the employees of the organisation and they are no doubt delighted to get such a useful gift. Thus, the bags are carried everywhere around the town and thus the details of the products, company, their catch line reach large number of potential clients at ease.  Jute being a very strong fibre and extremely durable, continue to be   in use for a long time and as long as they are carried along, more people get to see them  and many among them bear  some thought about the company offered them. Thus, the purpose is well served and there isn’t any need to pay huge amount of money for running an elaborate campaign for advertising the products and services of the company. The bespoke bags are great options for trade shows and different exhibitions. They speak for themselves and the purpose they are meant for.

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