What are the different styles of promotional bags?

Promotional bags are a must for corporate houses and organizations. To meet the various requirements of different customers, bag manufacturers design a variety of promotional bags. Especially in a city like New York, you will come across several styles of promotional bags, to be more specific, promotional tote bags.

The style of the bag you choose depend a lot on the audience whom you will be giving away the bag and how they will be using it.

The different types of promotional tote bags are :-

Grocery Style- This type of bag generally has shorter handles and wider depth to accommodate larger grocery items.

Flat orJutelam Fiber Bags Gusseted :- This is the typical trade show or conference bag. Though many people do use them at the grocery store, they have limited capacity.

Shopper Totes :- Like the grocery style tote bags, but much wider, these bags have longer handles. You can sling it over your shoulder. The bag may not have a bottom board. The most important point is that they can have the ability to contain large items. These bags are perfect for retail and trade shows.

Drawstring Backpack :- These bags can be carried by their drawstrings or worn on the back like a backpack. Some styles feature additional handles for easy carrying.

Messenger Bags :- These bags feature a long strap for wearing across the body, with a large compartment which is covered by a flap. These bags are ideally used for colleges and conferences.

Apart from these bags, there is also a rising popularity of screen printed non woven bags in New York. Several corporate houses are opting for these bags for their brand promotion.  These bags have also gained popularity due to their eco-friendly nature.

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