Eco Friendly Gift Ideas – Impress them with Lovely Gesture

When you get the invitation at your friend’s place for home warming ceremony or invited in the birthday party of your cousins, often you end up in a confusing situation. The main confusion is with the gift items. You often spend a countless solitary evening pondering over the idea what will be the best gift for your loved ones that will be thoughtful, useful and impressive too.

If you want some ideas that will help you to gift then you are at the right place. Take a look of the ideas and use them while gifting the loved ones.

Corporate Reusable Gift Bags

Fabric Gift Wrap :-

In Japan, fabric gift material is in vogue. They call it “Furoshiki” and it has become an art of lifestyle. The fabric is easily available, recyclable and the material is eco friendly. Find out the festive pillow case, sheets or designer table cloths or drapes that you have never used. You can tie them up with ribbon or pin them.

Clay Flower Pot :-

It is useful, it is earthy and it is eco friendly. You can personalise the pots with marker by conveying some special messages. Pack up it with beautiful wrapper and bring the edges up and tie up with ribbons.

Eco Friendly Tote Bags :-

Tote bags are spacious. Now as the awareness is spreading that plastic is extremely harmful for the environment, people prefer more eco friendly materials like jute, cotton or non woven bags. Tote bags are now trendy as they sport nice prints, patterns. You can personalise them with screen printed designs, messages and cartoons. The demand of screen printing non woven bags in India and in many other countries is increasing immensely.

When you will gift the significant one with these gifts they will not only appreciate your gesture but also will like the fact that you prefer to gift something eco friendly, thus showing your social responsibility.

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