Eco- Friendly Gift Ideas for All Season and Festivals

Gifting is the best gesture to show that you care. But what are you gifting must be a time consuming decision to make. Take a look of the blog to know more about the unconventional eco-friendly gifting ideas.

Custom-Made Non Woven Gift Bag

Have you got any invitation lately at some friend’s place? You must be pondering over the thought about what you should gift them. Gifting is the loveliest gesture to show that you love and care. But when your mind gets baffled about thinking what you should buy you need to spend hours for it. When we gift someone we always end up thinking what we like. But what if you think of the environment too? It will show that you are just not the attentive friend but also a socially responsible person too.

To get some idea take a look at the suggestion that I am going to share with you.

Cotton Gift Wrap :-
We have had enough of the glossy paper gift wrap. Make a little difference. Gift your loved one something with a fabric gift wrap. Fabric is obviously an eco friendly material and it is reusable too. It can be used for several times as well. In fact you can use some unused fabric like your old pillow cover or trey cloth as the gift wrapper. Just a little bit gloss and glitz and it will be a great eye catching gift wrapper to surprise your friend. This tradition of fabric gift wrapper has come from Japan and now it is quickly becoming the trend all over the world.

Flip Flop Door Mat :-
Flip flop material itself is recycled. When it comes in various colours it adds glamour to your home décor. When you are headed to the home warming ceremony of your friend you can easily surprise her with a door mat made of flip flop material. The plus point is the material is perfect to wipe the dirt. Moreover it comes in various shapes and steeped in amazing colours.

Personalised Jute Bag :-
Personalised gifts are the best thing that one can get in any occasions. It also makes your loved one believe that you have put a lot of thoughts on it. Jute and non woven tote bags are amazingly useful gifts. You can personalise them with screen printing too. The demand of screen printing non-woven bags from India is quite high in overseas. It can sport a tagline or a special statement that will do the trick.

Gift your loved ones and show that you care too.

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