Non-woven bags are the new green marketing tool

Non-woven bags are the new green tool :-

While shopping, or simply taking a walk you must have noticed people carrying bags in various shapes and sizes sporting the logo of one or another company along with their message. If you are a businessman, the strategy must have impressed you. How easily these companies are making their brand visible to a wide array of potential customers.

Jute Non Woven Ladies Shopping Bag

Now even you can take a leaf out of the book and use similar technique to market your brand. Today, there is a global trend of shifting towards a greener society, though the wave is yet to make much impact in the Indian market. This will be the perfect time to stand out in the crowd and use non-woven bags for the purpose. Screen printing non woven bags from India does not cost a fortune, and if you are making a bulk order you can get the deal at exceptionally low price.

Why non-woven bags are the best eco-friendly material available :-

Non-woven bags are made out of non-woven spun bond polypropylene (PP) cloth which are much more eco-friendly given 100% recyclability as well as the property of being decomposable and can even be burnt without leaving harmful air contaminants. Since these do not use PVC coating or water in their manufacturing process, they can even be termed more eco-friendly than paper bags, which uses a lot of water in the manufacturing process. Also these bags are much sturdier than their paper counterparts.

Choose the correct bag :-

The bags come in a variety of colours. When you are getting screen printing non woven bags from India you can choose the colour based on your company logo. Suppose your logo is red coloured. The best colour for the bag to sport your logo will be either white or yellow or black. Also the size of the bag needs to be taken into consideration. A grocery store requires large bag, but a games store needs bags of all sizes, while a book store can go with a medium sized bag.

Get your silk printing non-woven bag from India :-

If you are based in any country other than India, you can also import screen printing non woven bags from India. The bags are fairly popular on a global scale and importing screen printing non woven bags from India can save a lot of money while being eco-friendly.

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