Non-Woven Bags: Go Green in Style

With the toxic effect of plastic bags, Jute bags and cotton bags became the substitutes but the price of them were not competitive enough with plastic bags. It is with the evolution of non-woven bags that the space filled up. The properties of these bags are that they are recyclable, re-usable, economical and has a huge variety of colours. The texture of the bag is also very smooth. They are washable, scratch-free and also smear-proof. They are thus a good option for shopping and carrying things.

Non-woven bags are great as shopping bags. They have the ability of being great pals of ladies. When a lady needs to go out, her bags needs to be well-organised, so that whenever she digs in her hand inside her bag in search of something, she finds just the thing she wants and not keep ravaging the bag in search of the wanted item. A non-woven bag can be partitioned into various segments to meet these needs. Hand-stitched non-woven bags are made of comparatively higher thickness. They can also be zipped so that nothing spills out and also remains secured.

Multicolor Strips Print Non Woven Tote Bag

Handing your customer a non-woven bag is also a good promotional idea, as then he is carring your brand name not only in his mind, but also making it visible to the on-lookers, which creates an impression in their mind and stimulates them to buy the product. Handing an eye-catching non-woven bag to many in fairs is also another great method as there people tend to carry many papers, brochures and other stuffs. Your bag will give them that perfect thing which they wanted in order to carry their articles. The bag will engrave the name of your company in their mind and will help you to get an edge over others in the fair.

But, do not make the mistake of thinking that such an utility bag cannot be stylish. They are the latest in the market and your possession of them would surely earn you the name of a style-icon whether in your college or office. Their designs are not boring, they are multi-colour printed and you are given a wide variety to choose from. They are also a perfect gift-item. So, surprise your best-friend by gifting him or her the latest in style- a non-woven bag.

With the world pledge to Go-Green, be a part of it in style. Save mother earth from the harmful effects of plastic along with increasing your style quotient. Whether going to the market, or going to the work-place be the cynosure of all eyes.

The manufacturers of non-woven bags in Los Angeles keep in mind the rising demands of these bags and are more-than-ready to cater to these needs!

How non woven bags can change the future of the planet?

The bags made of jute and other non woven materials have created a revolution in the field of eco friendly bags. They are the most contemporary options to fight back the harmful effects of pollution.

Beside all the trendy dresses, bags have always been an important accessory, especially for the ladies. Having a variety of design and style, different types of bags go with different types of dresses. From the small clutch bags, which are quite handy and one can pair up with any type of dress, to the large side bags, which are useful in case one is carrying quite a few items with them, the designs are endless.


In recent times, there has evolved a new variety of bags which are made up of natural eco-friendly materials. Among these, the jute bags and the non woven bags made of long fibres have gained much popularity. While the word jute bag might bring to your mind the image of a dull, monotonous coloured plain and simple bag without any style, you will be amazed by the variety available. The bags made of jute and other non woven materials have been completely revolutionized by the modern designers and bag makers. A wide variety of design, style and even colour is available in the jute bag section. The non woven manufacturers in Los Angeles and several other countries abroad have taken the concept of natural bags to a much higher level.

From a home party to a beach party to casual shopping to an outing with friends or family, whatever be the occasion, you will be able to get the perfect jute bags for every occasion. Some of the jute beach bags are most beautifully designed and sport bright attractive colours which are in perfect synchronization with the attractive beach wear you will be carrying on yourself.

The jute bags are also quite affordable and much cheaper than their leather counterparts. With so many pros you should definitely give the non woven bags a try.

Why digital printing non woven bags are a part of daily life?

Non-woven bags are made of spun bond non woven polypropylene (PP) cloth which is 100% recyclable. These bags are really very useful for daily use. These bags are quite durable and can be used for long. These bags decompose very well. If it is burnt also, no toxic contaminant will be produced.

This bag is ideal for several purposes such as packaging of gift items during seminars and conferences. Digital printing done on non woven bags makes the bags look more attractive. Non woven gift bag comes in different designs as well as sizes and colours. These bags are perfect for shopping too as these can carry a lot of items. All the varieties of such bags have competitive price. These bags maintain their quality and are very much in demand in several happening cities of the world including New York. These bags are available in several sizes and simple yet attractive designs. This bag usually comes in a set of cartons.

digital printing non-woven bags

Laser and non-laser technology are used to laminate such bags. These bags are crafted and packed according to customer’s request. China is main manufacturer of non woven bags. From China, this highly demanded nags are supplied to different countries of the world. Residents of different cities of the United States including New York have made digital printed non woven bags a part of their daily life.

Even children these bags as several companies design the bags keeping children’s choice in mind. In such cases, different cartoon pictures with funky colours are digitally imprinted on the non woven bags.

How the multi-purpose jute bags are making great difference in lifestyle?

The jute bags are natural bags which are popular options to carry all your belongings with a style element in it. At the same time it helps one to reveal their conscious effort to make the planet free from the harmful effects of pollutants like plastic. In precise terms, Jute is the only natural fibre which is sustainable, bio degradable and reusable. Therefore, it stands as the primary weapon in making the mission of making the planet green successful. This is the reason that jute bags have gained great popularity and there have been an increase in jute bags manufacturers in USA and other parts of the world. Jute bags happen to be a great promotional medium for any advertising campaigns. They just preach the companies message among the people very easily. Once, a company starts distributing jute bags bearing the logo, where abouts of the company, tagline and the details of the products and services offered, the customers are indeed happy to receive the bags. They proudly carry it all along and thus the advertisement purpose becomes absolutely fruitful.

jute bags

The jute bags manufacturers in USA and other countries just have a customized solution for the customers when it comes to offering bags for promotional bags. The tailor made solution really stands as a welcome option for the organizations looking for a custom-made bag for making their campaign boom. The bags when given to the chosen few again act as a utilitarian purpose of carrying all important items while going out. As the bags can sustain huge pressure, so they are really great options while one sets out on a shopping spree.

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